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Age Verification

Why Do I Need To Prove My Age?
In the UK it is illegal to sell vaping products that may or may not contain nicotine to a person under the age of 18. So, to be able to comply with this law we are required to verify that all customers are 18 or older.

By placing an order with The Vaping Hamster, you are agreeing to allow us to confirm your age.
Most customers will only have to go through the process of age verification once. If you have gone through this process with other businesses before the chances are, you will not have to go through the actual process.

How We Verify Your Age
We verify the age of all customers through our partner VerifyMyAge (KYC AVC UK LTD)

When creating an account or placing an order with The Vaping Hamster we will ask for your full name, date of birth and billing address. You must enter this accurately as it is shown on your driving license, the electoral roll or used for a UK credit card.

By requesting a restricted product or service, you consent to allow us to share your information with, and collect information from, KYC AVC UK LTD (VerifyMyAge) . We need this consent for VerifyMyAge to verify that you meet the minimum age and identity verification requirements as determined by relevant UK age restriction legislation.

Your consent allows VerifyMyAge to retain relevant data for the purpose of future verification. All data processed by VerifyMyAge is subject to appropriate security measures. Data retained by VerifyMyAge is subject to periodic review to ensure your is held safely and for no longer than necessary. You can find information about 1account and how they manage your personal data by visiting their site

When Do You Check My Age?
The Age checking process is handled after you use the checkout. 90% 95% of all customers will experience a seamless checkout and we will require no extra information from you.

This process is carried out by a third-party company which check submitted details against databases such as the electoral roll, drivers license database amongst others.

To ensure a smooth shopping experience, please ensure your full name and address are accurate.

Customers which are required to submit further information. To verify your age, you will receive an email shortly after the order had been placed. You must verify your age as quickly as possible to avoid delayed dispatch times. You will receive emails asking you to verify your age using a choice of 3 options.

How Are My Details Used?
The The Vaping Hamster do not store submitted user and data on their platform. Data submitted is held and verified by VerifyMyAge who are part of the Age Check Certification Scheme and certified under PAS1296:2018 – The Code of Practice for Online Age Verification.

All data submitted via the VerifyMyAge application is encrypted. Stored data is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit SSL encryption and hashing algorithms.

If you do not verify your age, we cannot legally dispatch your order. Therefore, after 10 working days your order will be cancelled and refunded, unless you have contacted us beforehand.